givestar - What is a Voluntary Contribution

We explain what a voluntary contribution is on the givestar platform and why you might consider making a contribution.

What is a voluntary contribution?

A voluntary contribution is an optional amount that donors can choose to contribute to the fundraising platform (givestar) alongside their primary donation to a charity fundraising campaign. Voluntary contributions can be as little or as much as a donor wishes to contribute. We appreciate every contribution, whether big or small, and understand that not everyone can contribute beyond their primary donation. Individuals who want to contribute help ensure the ongoing improvement and sustainability of the fundraising platform, which in turn further supports givestar’s community of fundraisers and donors.

Why should I consider making a voluntary contribution?

  • Platform Maintenance: Ensuring the ongoing functionality, security, and reliability of the fundraising platform.
  • Platform Enhancement: Your voluntary contribution directly contributes to the continuous enhancement of our platform. We use these contributions to implement new innovative features, and improve user experience. For example, our Boost Donate contactless donations feature on the givestar app enables fundraisers to take contactless donations from their phone with a tap of the donor’s debit card or smartphone against their phone. Voluntary contributions help us stay at the forefront of fundraising technology, and empower our users with fantastic technology.

How can I make a voluntary contribution?

During the donation process, you'll have the option to add a voluntary contribution to your total amount. A suggested amount will autofill but if this is not the right amount for you, simply enter the amount you wish to contribute, and it will be included in your transaction. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and it makes a meaningful difference in the continued success of givestar

Thank you for considering a voluntary contribution and for being a valued part of our fundraising community!