givestar - Signing Up and Logging In For givestar

This article will guide you on how to sign up to our GS2 platform, as well as how to navigate into logging into your account.

Signing up to GS2:

  • In the top right section of the page, simply click sign up.
  • Fill in first and last name, email and password accordingly. 
  • Click sign up. This will enable an account to be created.


To log in to the account you have created, navigate to the home page and click sign in. Put in your details as requested. This will therefore lead you to your account. 

By any means of a forgotten password, this can be reset. 

  • Under the sign in button, proceed to ‘trouble signing in’.
  • Type in the email you registered the account with and press ‘forgot password’.

An email to reset your password would be sent to your email address, enabling you to change your password.