givestar - How can I report a donor / donation

This article explains how to report a donor / donation, what to flag and to who, as well as what we believe might justify inappropriate comments or behaviour.

The givestar community is a joyful, fun and exciting place to be - a place where we are inspired to do good and make our fundraising count.

If you see a donor, donation or behaviour that you feel should be flagged as inappropriate, strange, misleading or damaging then we ask that you please alert givestar to this.

Some things that might be deemed worth flagging to givestar are:

  • Use of inappropriate, strong or offensive language - this might be within a donation comment, campaign text or elsewhere within the givestar platform
  • Antagonistic or combative language or behaviour
  • Racist or discriminatory language or comments

What to do if you believe a donor or donation should be reported?

In the unfortunate and unlikely instance that you come across language, comments or behaviour that you believe warrants reporting a donor to givestar, please provide the following information, in an email, to :

  • Name of donor
  • Date of donation (if applicable)
  • Donation amount (if applicable)
  • Text or screenshot of comment, message, text (if not applicable then a reason as to why you are reporting this)