givestar - How can I add offline donations

At present, users are unable to independently add offline donations to their campaigns. Nevertheless, we do make exceptions and can assist you with this if you reach out to us directly.

Transitioning to givestar:

If you are considering migrating your fundraising activities to givestar and wish to transfer the funds you've raised on another platform, please send us an email at We will display these donations on your campaign totalizer so you’re not starting from zero. 

It's important to note that the donation funds will not be moved to or processed by givestar; instead, they will be handled in the regular manner by the external platform that you initially received those donations on. 

Receiving a large sum of offline donations during an active campaign:

In cases where you have an ongoing campaign and have received a substantial amount of offline donations, we can accommodate this on a one-time basis by incorporating them into your totalizer. However, we do not offer regular additions of offline donations to your campaign, as this process requires manual intervention. Please send your request to