givestar - Can I transfer donations from a JustGiving page?

This article explains how to transfer your page and donations across from JustGiving.

If you want to use givestar but have already set up your fundraising page elsewhere, it’s not a problem! 

You can transfer your page, and any existing donations over, in three simple steps:

  1. Create your givestar account and set up a fundraising campaign (it’s often easiest to copy and paste the information across directly from your existing page).
  2. Take note of how much you’ve raised so far and contact our customer service team to get this added to your givestar page as an offline donation.
  3. Close down your previous page. On JustGiving, you can do this by selecting ‘edit page’ and then ‘page settings’. From there, you can choose to expire the page by selecting today’s date as the expiry date, or delete the page permanently. 

It’s important to remember to close off any old fundraising pages once you’ve moved over to ensure that people aren’t donating to the old campaign.