givestar - Can I make a non-GBP donation?

This article covers which donation currencies are currently available on givestar

givestar supports a growing list of charities around the world, and is designed to give fundraisers and donors choice and flexibility on their preferred currencies.

Here is a list of currencies that are currently available on givestar: 

  • GBP
  • EUR
  • USD
  • CAD

The givestar team is adding more currencies to the platform all the time. If we are missing a currency that is very important to you, please let us know here.

How do I choose my donation currency?

  • When a fundraising page is created, the page owner chooses the default currency of the page from the drop down found on the Create Campaign form. This means the donation total will appear in that currency.

  • A donor is able to donate in the default page currency, or a currency of their choice:
    • Select Give Now on the page
    • Choose an amount to give
    • Choose the preferred currency from the dropdown
    • Follow the prompts to pay