givestar - Can I follow a campaign?

This article covers what to do if you want to follow the progress of a particular campaign.

givestar allows you to get closer to the causes you care about. This includes our follow feature, which helps keep you connected to your favourite charities and other individuals.

On givestar, users are able to follow other accounts - either individuals (e.g. friends, colleagues, family and famous fundraisers), or charities. It is not possible to Follow a Campaign specifically, however, you can get the same effect by following individuals and charity accounts.

What happens when I follow either an individual or a charity account?

  • The name of the individual or charity is added to your Following list in the Campaigns section of your account. You can use this list to quickly navigate to their profile page.
  • Activity (e.g. Campaign created, or Campaign update posted) from the accounts you follow will be prioritised by givestar so they appear more regularly in your Discover Feed and Notification centre (coming soon).

How do I follow an individual or a charity? 


  • Press the Follow button on a Campaign page that they created
  • The button will change to a blue Following button


  • Press the Follow button on their Profile page
  • The button will change to a blue Following button

How do I unfollow?

  • Simply search the account you wish to unfollow
  • Tap the blue Following button and it will turn back to a yellow Follow button